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• Designing your Food Hazard Analysis system.

• Carrying out supplier vendor assurance on your behalf (optional).

• Helping you in setting up a Quality Assurance system.

• Leading your HACCP team.

• Carrying out an initial audit.

• Providing appropriate records.

• Carrying out the administrative work.

• Checking the system is fully operational.

• Carrying out regular audits to maintain the system.

• Auditing the system when changes have occurred.

• Reviewing the system when there has been a failure.

Are you concerned about complying with the HACCP law?
Are you not confident in setting up a HACCP system without help?
Has a Health Inspector said your HACCP / Food Safety Management System is not adequate?
Have you failed a suppier audit on HACCP / Food Safety System?
Do you and your staff require HACCP Training?
Are you looking to attain BRC, FSSC or ISO 22000?
If you can answer Yes to any of
the questions below we can help you.
What is Hazard Analysis?
To comply you must consider the following :
• Food you handle.
• Processes it undergoes.
• Environment it is processed in.
• Staff involved.
• Supplier.
• Storage.
• Transport.
What are the benefits of HACCP?
• Control of food safety, protecting the customer &
  company reputation.
• Reduced risk of food poisoning from the food produced.
• Reduced risk of prosecution.
• Increases the quality of the product.
• Ensured compliance with food safety law.
We can help by:

1. Reduce the time taken to achieve compliance.

2. Cut the cost.

3. Reduce management time involved.

By maintaining and regularly updating your system you will satisfy your legal responsibilities regarding Hazard Analysis as defined by the regulations.

It will also provide the basis (should you require it) of a sound Due Diligence defence.

This means that we can:

Hazard analysis is a system which helps to identify and control hazards in any food business; food operation or food process, making sure that anything in the food, the food environment or the handling of food which could cause Food Poisoning; Injury or harm to the consumer is eliminated or properly controlled. Under the new Food Safety Regulations 2006 it a legal requirement for all food businesses to have a Food Safety System based upon the HACCP principals and kept up to date.

For the smaller business, Hazard Analysis can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

Our service covers HACCP consultancy but it also includes HACCP and hygiene training if required, giving you total peace of mind. There is a choice of training packages which can be designed & presented to fit your needs.

HACCP BRC ISO 22000 FSSC 22000 ISO 9001 ISO 29001 ISO 10002 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 ISO 17025 GMP Sustainability Report
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