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ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System

The ISO 17025 standard specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations, including sampling. ISO17025 certification is applicable to all laboratories regardless of the number of personnel or the extent of the scope of testing and/or calibration activities. Whilst ISO 9001 has always been at the core of quality management systems, the ISO 17025 standard is now widely acknowledged by Laboratory customers and regulatory authorities as an appropriate standard to govern the work of laboratories by way of implementing a laboratory management system.

Benefits of Compliance

• ISO17025 Provides documented policies and procedures, which will assist in the submission of response to Requests for Information (RFIs) during competitive tender processes.

• Enables assessment of relative quality and capability of different calibration laboratories.

• Demonstrates to regulators and government, a commitment to achieving compliance.

• ISO17025 Enables easy comparison of measurement expertise from different calibration suppliers.

• Eliminates the need for supplier auditing - calibration suppliers independently verified through the certification process.

• Provides a solid foundation for further development of business management systems to embrace other industry standards that are likely to become important in the future.

How can we help?

Teamwork can help you to implement a laboratory management system and achieve ISO 17025 certification demonstrating that your laboratory is technically competent, and able to generate technically valid results in accordance with the ISO17025 standard.

In addition, ISO 17025 certification is designed to be compatible with other management system Standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality). A combination of these complementary Standards can be integrated seamlessly. They share many principles, so choosing an Integrated Management System can provide you with outstanding value for money.

ISO 17025
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