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Building a Quality & Safe Product: Learn About BRCGS Certification and What It Can Do For You

03 Oct 2022

Building a Quality & Safe Product: Learn About BRCGS Certification and What It Can Do For You
The simple fact that you are reading this article means that you are likely a part of the consumer products industry either as a manufacturer, supplier or importer. You may even be an executive or manager in a company which deals in these kinds of products. Another possibility is that you are doing business with manufacturers or suppliers which sell consumer products manufactured to these regulations.

If that is the case, there's likely some unspoken but clear compliance requirements for your company regarding how that product is handled from the origin of manufacture to its final destination. In other words, the bottom line is that you need to have a comprehensive consumer quality and safety program and be able to show where it is throughout your organisation and especially when applicable, can be documented –certificated– by an impartial third party agency.

The BRC Global Standards program itself has been touted as one of the best in class guidelines for consumer product sellers who want to ensure that the products they sell are safe for their consumers, and that the production of those products meet industry best practices.
What is BRCGS Certification?
BRC Global Standard for Food (BRCGS) is a certification system that's used to evaluate the food safety management systems of manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (BRCGS) is the world’s leading benchmark for food safety, food hygiene and compliance. The standard includes many requirements related to food safety and quality, packaging material requirements and storage & distribution of consumer products. The standard covers all aspects of the supply chain from production through to the end consumer. The standard is designed to ensure that products are safe for their intended use.
What Is the Role of a BRCGS Consumer Products Certification Consultancy?
A consultancy offering BRCGS Certification in Dubai is an organisation or agency that has been certified by BRC to inspect and certify businesses that manufacture or distribute consumer products.
As a BRCGS Consumer Products Certification Consultancy we provide you with expert advice on how best to meet these requirements. We can help you become more efficient, improve your products and services, meet international standards, and increase your sales. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish ensuring that your products are safe for consumption and meet all relevant legislation in your country of operation.

1. GAP analysis: A gap analysis is conducted by BRCGS Consumer Products Certification Consultancy to identify any gaps in the system that can lead to quality and safety issues. The reasons for any gaps found during the gap analysis are then identified and addressed by taking corrective action.

2. Corrective action plan: If any gaps have been identified during the gap analysis, a corrective action plan is devised by BRCGS Consumer Products Certification Consultancy to deal with them. This plan may include changes in processes, training programs, and employee manuals etc.
3. Training program: Our Food Safety Training Consultancy in Dubai provides training programs to employees on how they can implement the standards and improve their quality management systems.

4. Manuals: The manual which was developed during the design phase of GS certification is updated based on feedback received from internal audits conducted by BRCGS Consumer Products Certification Consultancy while implementing GS certification standards.

5. SOPs: A set of instructions which are used in order to maintain consistent quality standards across all areas of your business. We offer SOPs for different products so that you can implement them in your organisation and make sure that there are no lapses or errors in the process. This can include procedures for things such as how to handle food, how to clean equipment, how long food should be stored for etc.

6. Risk Analysis: An analysis that helps businesses identify risks within their processes so they can take preventative measures against them happening again in future. When it comes to risk analysis, it is important that you understand all the risks involved in your business processes so that you can avoid them entirely or minimise their impact on your company’s performance.

7. BRC Implementation Training: This training helps companies implement GSFS into their business processes so they can meet all requirements set out within the standard. A BRC expert will train your employees about how they should handle different types of products and also about their responsibilities towards their customers as well as towards their employer.

8. BRCGS Awareness Training: The program provides training on how to implement the standard requirements within your business. All staff members who work with products must complete this training before they can start working on any projects related to food safety or quality assurance. This program will also help employees understand what requirements need to be followed when processing, packaging or shipping food products. This is done through web-based training and/or classroom-based training.

9. Internal Audit: It is carried out regularly by a BRCGS Consumer Products Certification Consultancy in order to check whether companies are following all procedures required by their quality management system (QMS). These audits can be conducted internally by your own staff or by an external consultant hired for this purpose.

10.Certification audit support: Our consultants can support you through every step of the process by conducting audits on site, helping with internal audits and providing advice on how to improve any noncompliant areas within your business.
A trustworthy consultancy will help you get BRCGS Certified faster.
As a BRC GS Approved Training Partner for BRC GS training we help businesses understand BRC GS Consumer Products certification, keeping your business in line with GFSI best practice. Reach out to Quality Middle East Consultancy, and we will provide your organisation with advice on product development, manufacturing processes and packaging, as well as on specific aspects of the designated management system. This can include advice on design aspects and packaging issues that may affect product safety.

Our team of experienced trainers deliver face-to-face training courses at customer sites on all aspects of the GS standard. This includes both initial training for new staff and refresher training for existing personnel. The course content is based on our experience in implementing GS standards around the world, and includes practical examples and case studies drawn from our experience.