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IFS Food Certification Provides a Basis of Stability and Trust

29 Nov 2022

Certifications mean different things for different people. Product manufacturers look for them because they need to be sure that the food companies producing their products are producing in a safe and sanitary way, while large companies may seek certification to ensure their suppliers are producing the ingredients necessary for their products. For consumers, certification provides a basis of stability and trust in the product they purchase.
Food certifications are used by food producers and manufacturers. They create a baseline of trust within the business, and external to the business. It's our goal to give you the benefits and talk about the why of food certifications, not just what they are. This post by our experts in IFS consultancy and Training in Dubai explores the world behind this certification and provides some details on what it reflects to your business.
International Featured Standards IFS Food Version 6.1 
The IFS Food version 6.1 is a comprehensive set of quality management standards that covers all areas of food production and distribution from farm to fork. The IFS certification program includes audits, product and process certification, training programs, certifications for personnel including QSAs and product certifications for raw materials such as spices, flavourings, etc., as well as packaging certifications such as bottle caps or labels.
The IFS Food Certification program is based on four overarching principles: 
  • Product quality – Products must be safe, nutritious and meet all legal requirements.
  • Environmental responsibility – Products must be produced in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Social responsibility – Products must be produced in a socially responsible manner.
  • Economic responsibility – Products must be produced at an economically viable level for the producer.
Many people ask us how IFS Food Certification differs from other certifications. The answer is simple: it has been around the longest and is recognized by all major retailers as the most comprehensive standard in the food industry. IFS Food Certification provides a basis of stability and trust for manufacturers, retail brands and consumers by ensuring that products meet all requirements of the standard through independent audits conducted by trained auditors.
The importance of product safety cannot be overstated as it directly affects consumer health and welfare not only in terms of product quality but also personal safety issues such as foodborne diseases like E.coli 0157:H7 which can cause serious illness or even death in some cases if left untreated properly.
IFS Food Certification provides a basis of stability and trust for manufacturers, retail brands and consumers. The certification process can be considered as an investment - one that is constantly under development. With the international certification system IFS, companies from all sectors can prove their high quality level, regardless of where they are located in the world.
The Advantages of IFS Food Certification
Our Food Safety Training Consultancy in Dubai enunciates that food safety is a big concern for food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. It’s a global challenge, with food fraud and contamination issues occurring in many countries around the world. With the right certification, your company can have a strong defence against these risks.
You can demonstrate to your customers that you’re doing everything you can to ensure their safety and satisfaction. It helps in increasing customer loyalty and gives an edge over competitors.
It provides a trustworthy source of information for customers. This can help in building brand image and trust with consumers, who are more likely to purchase items with the IFS symbol on them.
IFS certification also helps in reducing costs by improving quality control systems and reducing waste, which leads to increased productivity, lower costs and improved profitability.
Added value for certified companies through continuous improvement
The IFS Food Certification program is a management system, which means that it is not completed once you have passed the audit and received your certificate. It is an ongoing process of improvement and optimization, which ensures that your company remains compliant with the standard.
As a certified company, you are obliged to submit an annual report on the status of your management system. This means that you need to demonstrate that you continue to implement all requirements of the standard and that your system continues to be effective. After each audit, we will provide recommendations for improvement as well as suggestions for actions to take within your organisation in order to achieve continuous improvement.
Concise auditing to obtain the certificate
The IFS certification process is based on an independent audit by accredited assessors who verify that you comply with the requirements of the standard(s). The result is an internationally recognized certificate, which confirms that your business has been assessed according to internationally recognized principles and standards.
The IFS Food Certification Program is based on three main pillars:
  1. Auditing: Companies undergo a thorough audit process to ensure compliance with all relevant Standards.
  2. Training: Basic Food Safety Training in Dubai is available to further enhance knowledge and skills among staff members.
  3. Monitoring: A monitoring mechanism ensures continued compliance with standards during operation.
A worldwide recognised quality standard
The IFS certification is based on globally-agreed-upon standards which apply to all businesses, regardless of size. These standards, with their related specifications and recommendations, are carefully developed and consistently reviewed by experts from the food manufacturing community.
Here at Quality Middle East Consultancy, these standards are interpreted, applied and maintained using consistent terminology and methodologies. To equip manufacturers, retail brands and consumers with confidence that all IFS certified products meet industry agreed standards for food safety, quality, sustainability and traceability without exception. If you are interested in our services in IFS Certification in Dubai, contact us at or call our office at: +971 423 95 026. We'll be happy to help.